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Accelerator client Knotice is acquired by IgnitionOne of New York

Data management software company Knotice is joining the IgnitionOne team, a global leader in cloud-based digital marketing technology. Together, the two companies will have 420 employees in ten countries around the globe. Knotice was recently included among the seven top data management platform providers in the marketing sector in a report released by technology research firm Forrester, which helped to put their cutting-edge technology on the map. Read more in Crain's Cleveland [LINK] and on the Knotice website[LINK]. Congratulations!

The Business Courier (Cincinnati) ranks the Akron Global Business Accelerator the #1 performing business incubator in Ohio.

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Savannah International Clean Energy Conference

November 11th - 13th, 2012

Savannah, GA. Register Now! 

The Savannah International Clean Energy Conference, November 11-13, 2012, is fast becoming the must attend event of the year. Make sure you are part of this conference and join industry leaders and key players within the clean technology space, and take advantage of early registration rates through September 15th.


The Savannah International Clean Energy Conference will be a global gathering of the who’s who in clean technology. These industry leaders are bringing their unique perspectives to an agenda focused on exploring the significance and global impact Energy Independence will have on clean energy, clean technologies, and economic growth. This is an event you need to attend, so sure to register early!


Current line-up of Key Notes & Speakers:


Tom Fanning, President & CEO, Southern Company

Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn, President, Acore

Tom Cain, Greener Capital Partners

Jamie Vollbracht – Carbon Trust

Bruce Kahn, Deutsche Bank

Michael Eckhart, Citigroup

Greg Montgomery, Abundant Power

Maurice Gunderson, Earth Energy Ventures

Gene Rodriques, Southern California Edison

Brian Parsonnet, Ice Energy

Alan Gotcher, Xtreme Power

William Wescott, Veolia

Greg Wolf, Duke Energy Renewables

Elmer Sun, Greentech Exchange

Roger Ammoun, Credit Suisse

JumpStart Invests $250,000 in ADAP Nanotech, LLC

Prospects for Company with Thermal Dissipation Technology Heat Up

By JumpStart Inc.

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012 - 6:11 am

CLEVELAND, Feb. 15, 2012 -- /PRNewswire/ -- Anyone who has ever held a hardworking smartphone or laptop understands that electronics generate heat.Consumer demand for smaller, lighter, and more powerful devices necessitates higher performing materials to help dissipate the heat these instruments create. Akron, Ohio-based ADAP Nanotech, LLC (www.adapnanotech.com) has developed a highly conductive carbon nanotube (CNT)–based adhesive that is far more effective than current thermal interface material (TIM) or "gap fillers" The structure of the proprietary material was inspired by adhesives found in nature--- and specifically by the microscopic hairs that make up the gecko's sticky footpad.  ADAP's NanoTIM™  forms to surfaces without glue or other materials that might contaminate sensitive electronic components. ADAP "grows" millions of nanoscopic-aligned CNT on a silica substrate which are then combined with a thin layer of polymer to form a freestanding pad.  

"Frankly, these materials are remarkable, possessing the thermal conductivity and stability of a metal, but the flow and 'spreadability' of a liquid," remarks JumpStart's Lee Poseidon, JumpStart's venture partner working with ADAP.  Independent tests validate ADAP's design and pilot scale production, showing that the heat transfer properties of ADAP material are at least three times better than conventional polymer-based thermal gap filler materials.

ADAP Nanotech, housed in the Akron Global Business Accelerator, plans to use JumpStart's funding in part to produce samples that can be used for testing by potential customers. "We want to show that our thermal pads are not only effective, but also very cost effective to produce," says Sunny Sethi, Ph.D., part owner of ADAP Nanotech. The two-person startup is eager to start producing NanoTIM in quantities they can sell. 

ADAP Nanotech is the 62nd company in JumpStart's portfolio.

ADAP Nanotech, LLC  Akron, Ohio-based ADAP Nanotech, LLC specializes in the development and manufacture of carbon nanotube-based adhesives and coatings that have a variety of applications including serving as high performance thermal interface materials (NanoTIM) that can facilitate cooling of heat generating electronics . ADAP's NanoTIM micro-patterned aligned nanotube structures are based on gecko-inspired, CNT-based adhesives jointly developed by The University of Akron and Rice University.  ADAP was formed in 2009 by Prof. Ali Dhinojwala and the University of Akron Research Foundation. For more information, visit www.adapnanotech.com.

JUMPSTART INC   JumpStart Inc. accelerates the successes of entrepreneurs, their companies, and the ecosystems supporting them. JumpStart has given intensive business assistance to more than 400 entrepreneurial clients and invested in 62 early stage Northeast Ohio companies. For more information, visitwww.jumpstartinc.org and follow @JumpStartInc on Twitter.

Summit Announces Industrial/Medical Grade - Combination Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Modules

The small form-factor 802.11a/b/g/n and BT 2.1 modules with SDIO and UART interfaces are ideal for small battery operated data collection and healthcare devices


Knotice - Jon Grimm of Knotice & Terry Martell on Civic Commons Radio. Show #43 Mommy, where do jobs come from?

Perhaps this query is not quite as sensitive as the one having to do with reproduction but still. The mechanisms that create actual jobs can be mysterious and complex. This is true despite all the political pontificating about "my jobs platform," and claims to be "the jobs candidate," or even the tried and true, "putting America back to work" declarations. Join Dan, Noelle and Luke in part 1 of an examination of the oh so simple its convoluted topic of job creation. Guests: Brent Williams and Jon Grimm, Knotice; Terry Martell, Akron Global Business Accelerator; Bob Cohen,Braintree Business Development Center; Lee Fisher, CEOs for Cities.


Summit Data Communications (SDC), has been named a finalist for “ Technology Company of the Year Award”

The National Business Incubation Association ( NBIA) announced today that Accelerator tenant company, Summit Data Communications (SDC), has been named a finalist for “ Technology Company of the Year Award”. There are 7000 incubators worldwide, including 1100 in the U.S. housing over 27,000 early stage companies. Competition for this award comes from U.S high-tech hot spots in Silicon Valley, Austin, Tx., Boston, New York, Raleigh-Durham and others. Our own SDC made the top three among some very fast company!

Final award will be announced at NBIA’s upcoming annual convention in San Jose, Ca. week of April 10th, 2011. Best of luck to the SDC team! Summit Data Communications produces wireless LAN radios for the automatic data collection market, and for emerging applications in the healthcare industry.

Gecko feet inspire startup business, attract money

Geico Insurance isn’t the only business that owes a debt of gratitude to geckos.Research into how the lizards manage to climb effortlessly up walls is the basis of a breakthrough product Akron company ADAP Nanotech LLC is producing.  The company last month attracted a $250,000 investment from the nonprofit JumpStart Inc. The money will allow ADAP to start pilot production of a material — inspired by the adhesive properties of the footpads of geckos — designed for use inside electronics..Read Article

Small Akron tech company bought for $22 million; jobs to stay

A British company has bought tech startup Summit Data Communications for $22 million, six years after its doors opened in downtown Akron.

Summit Data, which develops and sells radio modules used in mobile devices, will stay in the Akron Global Business Accelerator on South Main Street, and the plan is to grow employment beyond the current payroll of 35 full-time jobs, said Andy Winson, one of Summit’s four principle owners...Read Article

Laird PLC buys Summit Data Communications Inc. of Akron

Laird PLC of London has acquired Summit Data Communications Inc. of Akron in a deal initially valued at $22 million.
Summit, which develops and sells non-cellular wireless communications equipment, will remain in the Akron Global Business Accelerator for now, said Natalie Sheerer, who works in Summit's marketing department. The company expects to move to another location within the city as the business grows, Ms. Sheerer added...Read Article

POLYFLOW: Waste-to-energy conversion technology utilizing unrecyclable plastic and rubber waste

Water bottles, yogurt containers, bubble wrap, paint buckets and clothes hangers — for Polyflow in Akron, this isn't garbage but rather a few of the ingredients the company can use to produce new fossil fuels.

To create fuel, the Polyflow process relies on the availability of mixed-polymer waste, of which there's no shortage. The United States produces about 41 million tons of mixed polymer waste each year, according to the nomination... Read Article





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